Resilience magazine reports on research by Wageningen University & Research related to the investment theme of Resilience in the period 2015-2018.

Coordination of investment theme Resilience

Krijn Poppe, Bas Kemp, Lan Ge en Jack van der Vorst

Magazine editing

  • Concept en coordination: Lenny Gerdes
  • Visual content production: Anja Koelstra
  • Editing: Arjan Paans, Clare McGregor
  • Text: Marion de Boo, Inge Janse, Hanny Roskamp, Albert Sikkema, Didi de Vries
  • Photography: Axel Berkhoff, Maurits Giesen, Marije Kuiper, Jeroen Hofman
  • Video: Marijn Flipse, Berber Hania, Helena Ligthert
  • Design: Petra Siebelink, Yvonne Brugman, Geert-Jan Bruins

Resilience Magazine is a production

of Communication Services WUR

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