Climate Action

Stories about the societal impact of the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research

Climate change massively impacts humans and nature. We read about it in the media or experience it ourselves every single day. Extreme heatwaves, long droughts that lead to wildfires and failed crops, downpours that cause floods, the sea level rise that threatens coastal areas, and biodiversity loss as animals and plants no longer able to live where they once belonged– all are occurring more frequently and more intensely, especially during the past few decades.

Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK), one of the six Graduate Schools of Wageningen University & Research, investigates climate change and how it affects life on earth. WIMEK focuses on three important societal challenges, one of which is to develop sustainable solutions to prevent further climate change (climate mitigation) and to let humans adapt to existing changes (climate adaptation).

The two other challenges are:

  • managing our natural environment (biosphere), for example through sustainable use of soil, water and atmosphere, and through preservation of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes.
  • closing circular systems and reusing materials through the involvement of new technologies that prevent water, nutrients and other materials from turning into waste.

WIMEK’s research is aimed at developing solutions and improvements to address these three societal and scientific challenges. This magazine showcases WIMEK’s work.